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Dr. Adhwa Anis Zulkarnain (founder)
BDMS Mansoura,Egypt

Dr. Adhwa Anis Zulkarnain has 8 years of experience under her belt - working under the government as well as the private sector. Her experience and eagerness pushed her to set up a Dental Clinic under the name Dental Heritage, Sepang. She also managed to open her own branch that’s registered under the name Avisienna Dental Care. She is a lifelong learner as she constantly attends courses and classes to sharpen her skillset. Her expertise and knowledge bring the best results for all her dental patients.

Dr. Safwan Majid (founder)
BDS Al-Azhar, Egypt

Dr. Safwan Majid is an expert dentist with over 6 years of experience. After graduating from Al Azhar University, Mesir, he served as a dental officer in the Malaysian Ministry of Health for a few years before venturing into opening his own private clinic in 2018. Dr. Safwan even made his mark in the dentistry world in 2019 when he was awarded an IAE International Award Best Young Dentist Asia. He is also a lover of knowledge; he constantly drives to expand his knowledge and also organised an orthodontic class for young dentist to gain more comprehension in the dentistry field. He has a special interest in dentistry, and aim to give his patients the most confident smile possible.

Dr. Syasya Fickry
BDS Manipal

A prolific dentist with 6 years of experience, Dr. Syasya Fickry is a dentist you could trust your smile with. Dr. Syasya graduated from Melaka-Manipal Medical College back in 2015 but she has kept her passion for knowledge burning throughout the years. To further hone her skills, she obtained a certificate in Dental Medicine from the University of Pennsylvania, United States. Apart from Orthodontics, her love for Aesthetic Dentistry has kept her more au fait with Porcelain Veneers. Thriving to give a healthy and harmonious smile to every patient, both clinically and psychologically, she ensures that they partake in clinical decisions through thorough discussion and dental photography.

Dr. Syafizah
BDS Malaya

Dr. Syafizah is a versatile dentists with many expertise at the palm of her hand. A Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) graduate from University of Malaya, she has applied her many skills in varying fields in her career. When she was working the government, she was actively involved in Dental Health Promotional volunteer and acts, including hosting and dental busker. She is a permanent residential dentist at Avisienna Dental Care, Kajang and Pergigian Alan Adlan, Bangi. Besides that, she has spoken at a few forums and courses as enjoys sharing her passions with fellow dental education enthusiasts. Dr Syafizah heartfelt pledges to provide the best and finest quality of dentistry to the community, to ensure all her patients go around the town with confidence in their smiles.

Dr. Asyraf

Dr Asyraf is a highly competent dentist with 3 years of experience. Gaining knowledge after graduating from UiTM, he has proven that strives to increase his skills and improve daily from attending multiple workshops throughout the years. This soft-spoken dentist is a young dentist icon who consistently keeps the public in-the-know by sharing his treatments and process via his dental Instagram page @Bobbydentalworks. He will always deliver his best in all clinical scenarios he faces. He encourages fellow dental colleagues to practice under magnification, rubber dam isolation as well as dental photography.

Dr. Maisa Nadeera
DDS U.K Malaysia

Dr. Maisa Nadeera obtained her Doctor of Dental Surgery from the National University of Malaysia. She’s been practicing for 2 fruitful years, acquiring priceless experience and knowledge throughout the years. She keeps going forward with her dental education by equipping herself with the latest treatments and technology. Dr. Maisa utilizes dental photography to fully immerse and learn through her dental works as well as giving her patients transparent access to their treatment process for thorough treatment plans.

Dr. Afifah
BDS Jordan UST

Dr. Afifah began practicing 4 years ago, after she graduated from Jordan University Of Science and Technology. 3 good years were spent working in the government sector where she fine-tuned her skills and broadened her knowledge. She is a hustler who makes great efforts to achive her goals as she took the opportunity to work part-time in various private dental clinics after office hours. After joining Avisienna Dental Care, she mainly focuses on cosmetic restorative and orthodontic works.

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